Dear all

It’s 5 days now that Teddy joined our family near Lucerne. He’s attached to everyone in the family, follows me from room to room, and gets his attention whenever he feels like.
First he was afraid to walk down the stairs, but then he realized that this was only a little obstacle to overcome in order to get outside. He loves the snow — something very familiar to him, it seems. The frozen ground it not bad either — great to roll around.
Yesterday we walked to my office in the city. The screeching train was not his favorite noise, but otherwise he’s done great with all the cars and people. Except for men with walking sticks: he is afraid of them, growls and barks.
At home he is quiet, doesn’t bark at people waking by or ringing door bells. When I leave for quick chores, he whimpers and waits at the door. We are confident that he will soon learn that his new people will never ever abandon him! It is a perfect match!

Thanks to all from home4dogs to make such wonderful things happen!
Greetings from the Simonetts